Churchyard Highlights Tour Sheet

Architecture, Historical

We’ve just produced a sheet, which you’ll find laminated at the back of St Nicholas’ containing interesting facts about some of the exterior areas of the building and the more interesting graves in our churchyard.

If you can’t get to us or would simply prefer to print yourself a copy, download it here.

This is a companion for our existing sheet which shows interior highlights of the building and can be downloaded here.

Chichester Cathedral Choir Visiting

Choirs and Music, Events, Music, News, Special Services

Save the date of Sunday October 21 2018 !

We are delighted to announce that Chichester Cathedral Choir will be visiting St Nicholas’ Worth, to sing Choral Evensong at 4pm. Refreshments afterwards.

Full details of music will be announced in due course.



Photos from the Licensing of Revd Sarah Upchurch as Associate Vicar, March 13 2018

Clergy, Pewsheets

The next issue of the Parish Magazine will contain photographs from last night’s licensing of Revd Sarah Upchurch as Associate Vicar.  In the meantime, here are some for you to enjoy online:

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Pewsheet for Week Beginning 14 January 2018

Advent, Christmas, Pewsheets

Click here for the pewsheet for the week beginning Sunday 14th January 2018.

Also please note, if you have any submissions for next parish magazine, please send to Sue and the team at by 21 January.

Many thanks.

Pewsheet for Week Beginning 12th February 2017


Click here for the pewsheet for the week beginning Sunday 12th February 2017.

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From the Burstons…


So here we are – not our last Service in the Parish – and having looked at our diary with several Weddings and the odd baptism in the coming months at St Nicholas’ – you won’t be getting rid of Steve completely for a while! But today is our last service at St Barnabas’. It wasn’t the wow of St Nicholas’ or the smooth words of Anthony that wooed us to the Parish. When we first visited it was the rather less salubrious setting of St Barnabas’ Church Hall.

3I6A0741 A (Steves Wife & Daughters)It was Liz who stood in it and said ‘What potential!’ And we – the Burston family – have been privileged in the past 2+ years to see God release only fraction of that potential – Messy Church and the Youth Club have been highlights for us – and we couldn’t have led them without the amazing volunteers many of you are. It is always dangerous to highlight one individual over another – however – we will in our last pew sheet. Not because this person is any better than anyone else, but because he embodies the quiet way many of you associated with St Barnabas’ go about his or her business.

Mark Dobson has volunteered at Youth Club since it began, every other Friday, wholeheartedly, quietly, humbly and loyally. After a busy week he turns up and serves 30 plus kids with love and encouragement. And that is the story and the potential of St Barnabas’. Clergy as you know – and probably on occasions are relieved to know – come and go, but all you Mark Dobsons (because there are many of you) are the air that breathes life into a place we dearly love and will dearly miss.

Steve, Liz, Grace, Alice, Lily and of course – Digger!!