Messy Church at St Nicholas’

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We hold a Messy Church service at 11:30 at St Nicholas’ on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month (unless otherwise mentioned).  With all the warmth and interaction you’d expect of Messy Church, but different in that it’s only half an hour long !

It is an informal, lively and child-centred service, though of course anyone and everyone is welcome, whether they have children or not!  Our current attendees range from babes in arms coming for the first time to get used to the location before they are baptised, through to 12 years old veterans! Most attendees are aged 3-6.

You will receive a warm welcome here as you arrive – come at 11.15 to have coffee with those leaving after the 9.45 service – and you will be offered a sheet which will detail any songs, bible readings and prayers.

We love interaction during the service! It is encouraged and appreciated.  Children can ask or answer questions and are welcome to move around freely during the service.  In fact, it is not unusual for children to jump up to dance in the aisle when the modern, lively songs are played!

The service itself is a short one, lasting around 35 minutes, sometimes more or less, depending on how long the children keep the Q&A up, and the talk is always succinct, refreshing and encouraging.

If you are new to church, unsure of where you stand when it comes to faith, or just are looking for a welcoming, informal family-friendly service, Nic’s is the one for you!

And why not join our Messy Church Chat facebook group.

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