The 8am Service at St Nicholas’

If you prefer a quiet, contemplative start to Sunday to inspire you for the rest of the day then the 8am service at St Nicholas’ could be for you!

It uses traditional prayers and readings from the Book of Common Prayer which Christians have used since 1662 and the poetic words, as well as St Nicholas’s awe-inspiring Saxon arches, ensure you feel part of a long line of worshippers who have praised and sought God’s help in this corner of Sussex down the ages.

The service is spoken throughout so there are no tricky musical settings to catch you out! And, although there might be times when we miss the music, it also means that, with no choir or accompanist needed, the service can go ahead wherever and whenever it needs to! I well remember when we were locked out of the church one Sunday morning with the Bishop of Europe due to take the service. We were all invited back to the chapel in ‘his place’ (the lodge next door) and we enjoyed one of the most intimate and spiritual services we’ve ever had.

For most of the service, the congregation sits or kneels (you are welcome to do whichever you find more comfortable) only standing to hear the second Bible reading, the Gospel, and to say the creed together after the short sermon. At the appropriate moment, everyone is welcome at the altar rail to receive a personal blessing or, if baptised, communion bread and wine.

As time does not permit, there are no refreshments after the service but we do mingle and are delighted to welcome newcomers and love to see babies and young children, although families understandably feel less drawn to the early start and peaceful atmosphere.

So if you wish to experience a really personal and meditative service or simply have mid-morning commitments which cannot be re-arranged, why not give ‘the 8 o’clock’ a try? We’d love to see you!

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