January Discipleship & Fellowship Report

Events, Meetings

Discipleship and Fellowship meeting held in

Tuesday January 21st  2014 

1.  Bible Study:-

This House Group has been put on hold for the time being due to lack of interest; it is hoped that after the Confirmation candidates have completed, or almost completed, the Pilgrim Course, currently due to start they may want to be a part of a Bible Study Group, this will then be reviewed.

2.  Parish Away Day.

Saturday March 8th at Rowfant House. Is being advertised more fully and we are collecting names A “Booking Form” has been produced so we can collect details of those requiring transport and any dietary requirements. Posters are in both churches and a leaflet issued with some details of what the book aims to do in asking us if we will follow Christ, wherever, to ‘the edge’ and beyond !

Numbers of those attending need to have confirmed by February 26th as payment for the food is required by February 28th.                   

3.  Lent Lunches:-

These will be held on Wednesdays during Lent beginning on Ash Wednesday after the Ashing Service at St Barnabas. A Rota of soup makers and servers has been produced by Phyl Pennell.

Angela confirmed that a form of Meditation (music, Reading, prayer) will take place before serving the soup (except on Ash Wednesday because the soup follows the service) and then time to chat & discuss the meditation over soup and a roll.

4.  Ladies’ & Men’s Breakfasts:-

May 17th – Men’s Breakfast 8.30 – 9.30 Pastoral Centre

June 14th – Ladies’ Breakfast 8.30 – 9.30 Pastoral Centre

Cooks:-   are organised.

Speaker:-  We will attempt to arrange a Speaker at each breakfast.

5 PILGRIM Course:-

This Course will began on January 21st with the Confirmation Candidates and any members of the congregation who wish to attend. Joan Tick, Stuart Sharpe and Rosemary Cordan will attend as much as possible to be contacts and supporters of those attending. Anthony thought that members of D & F could assist the candidates during services if they needed it.

6.      A.O.B    The Questionnaire concerning ‘what type of and when’ Courses should be held has  not yet been produced. This will be brought to the next Meeting.

    Additional information ….


There will be an Ecumenical Lent Group (RC, URC & CofE) on Tuesday evenings during Lent beginning March 11th – April 8th in the CURC Jubilee Room at 7.30 – 9.00 pm meeting for coffee/refreshments from 7.15 We will be using Andrew Mayes book “Beyond the edge” Leadership will be shared between 5 clergy (1 RC, 1 URC, 2 CofE) Sign-up sheets and posters are now in both churches the cost of the Book required for the cost is £7.75, to be ordered from either Canon Anthony or Joan Tick.

Date of next Meeting:-

 Tuesday March 18th 2014 at 11.15am at the Pastoral Centre.