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Revd. Steve Burston

What’s the best moment of my life? Was it the birth of my daughters? But,which one? Was it meeting Liz or our Wedding Day? Was it a sporting achievement? Was it my Baptism or even my ordination? The past seems so much better than my today.

How often do we hear it’s not like it used to be –– I also say to people thinking of joining the police – ‘It’s not the Job I joined’ – as I swing the lamp! So are my best moments in life gone?

Or should I look to the future when I have sorted out this or managed to get this thing (Liz see my Christmas List!) to get to the best moment. The reading in Matthew seems to suggest that we are to be constantly watching out to the future – waiting – after all Advent is a season of waiting. So the best moment of my life – past or future?

I want to offer another candidate. The greatest moment of my life is this moment right here. This beat of my heart right now. Why? Not because it’s particularly joyous or memorable, but rather because it’s the only moment I’ve got.

Every past moment is gone – if I live there I lose life. If I live in my future I spend eternity waiting for tomorrow – if I live there I lose life. It’s only in the present moment that I can meet God right here, right now. He’s in my every breath, every person I meet, in the smallest and most ordinary, for He is faithful.

I’m not saying that the past is not important or that we are not to have vision into the future. Rather if we want to encounter God, then we must be attentive and embrace the now of today – for God is closer than we think.