From the Associate Vicar…


11121919_10153470903402481_1385107368_nPart three of five and Mary Sumner. Today’s gospel reading takes us further on John’s bread theme. After the feeding of the 5000 and Jesus teaching his followers about heavenly bread this week’s focus is on what it means when we gather round the table to share bread and wine.

Today we also remember Mary Sumner, founder of the Mother’s Union, and give thanks for the work they do in our parish and the church as a whole. As we gather round the table as God’s family we will also be giving thanks for the tireless work of the Mother’s Union in holding together and strengthening families since 1876. We give particular thanks for the MU in our own parish and their ministry during our many baptism services, supporting the clergy as families prepare for the baptism and at the services themselves.

It is also a fitting start to the new schedule of services at St Barnabas. Building on the strong mark that Family Services have had on the life of St Barnabas we are introducing a new Family Eucharist this Sunday. From this month on we will have two services for all ages. On the 2nd Sunday of the month we will have a Family Eucharist. The Family service will move to the 4th Sunday of the month. With the addition of the Family Eucharist and the second Nic’s service which started in June, there will now be a service in our parish every week suitable for young children. Hope you will join us for one or the other of them.