From the Rector…

Canon Anthony Ball

Canon Anthony Ball

This week’s gospel continues the theme of being fed which, for me, has been quite poignant.  I have spent much of the week on retreat in the Monastery of the Holy Trinity at Crawley Down – the home of the Community of the Servants of the Will of God, an enclosed /contemplative community of Anglican monks.  Some of the reading and reflection I did included the question of why people come to church, with the two options of ‘in search of community or a sense of belonging’ and ‘belief or faith’ being offered.  Jesus is to be found in both and it seems to me that the answer is, as so often, likely to be a mixture of both and, in each other of our faith journeys, likely to be mixed in different proportions at different times.

Rather like, in the Eucharist service, we encounter Jesus in both Word and Sacrament but different elements of the service will ‘speak’ to us more at different times. How does Jesus feed you?

We expect our Alpha Course, which starts next month, to offer a chance of exploring or deepening both ‘faith’ and ‘community’ elements of our Christian life.

Might you be part of that?

Invitations are at the back of church.