The Rector Writes…


Bartimaeus’ response to being healed by Jesus was to “follow him on the way”.  The “way” that Jesus was travelling in today’s gospel was from Galilee to Jerusalem and his sacrificial death on the cross.  For first-century hearers of this gospel passages the words would have had a significance largely lost to us – before Christians were known by that name they were known as followers of (literally “in”) “the Way” – as we read in several passages in Acts.  So, Batimaeus’ response to being cured was a conversion of life, becoming a follower of Jesus.  He, like the disciples, will have learned from Jesus about “relationship” – relationship with “Abba”, his loving Father.  He would also have seen Jesus putting his words, his faith, into action.  Is your life affected (converted, transformed, etc…) by being a follower of the Way, Jesus’ way?  One of the ways we, as a church family, seek to follow Jesus’ actions is through our outreach to marginalised people in our town (and we are always open to suggestions on how to extend or improve that) and by supporting other groups who undertake this ministry.  Also, through our support for and giving to other charities, we seek to make a difference to people beyond the bounds of our parish and town.  (Thank you to those who have offered help to host the ‘climate-change pilgrims’ next month – a few more would be welcome.).  For the remainder of this church year (i.e. to 28 Nov) we will be collecting from you names of charities you would like us to support – including one for us to build a longer-term (at least 3 years) relationship. From next week, when the UNICEF “Jars of Grace” will be collected in, we will be running a “Parish World Bank” appeal in response to the ongoing refugee crisis.