Happy New Year to you all !


A new year, new beginnings, a new life.

When a new year begins we often look back on the year gone-by to reflect on its joys, sadness, achievements, failings and then we make a resolution to improve, to move forward with determination to do better. That is my theory anyhow but at the end of 2016 will I, will you, look back again and wonder, what and why, or will we be really impressed with our achievements ?

In 2016 there are a lot of new things to plan, new ventures there for some of us, for me too, I hope and pray – but what and for whom? We cannot make the decisions on our own, we should not rush headlong into something; we need to pray, to think and to consider what God would want us to do. We do not know His plans but we do know He will show us the way, if we let Him in to our hearts and minds; we need to be still, quiet and listen for that still, small voice that is calling us, then we may have an idea.

Next week we will celebrate the Baptism of Christ and all over Christendom, including here in our Parish Eucharist, there will be new Christians baptised, born in to the family of God, not knowing what they will do with their lives but knowing it is a new beginning for them; just as a new calendar year is a new beginning for everyone, with all its joys and sorrows, all its uncertainties.

I pray that all of us may go forward with the Lord as our guiding light, helping, healing and leading us on the right path; showing us why things happen and how we can turn to Him for our strength and salvation.

Go forward, as I shall, with hope, joy, peace and love in my heart and mind, and attempt to work “ ‘to the greater glory of God’. ”

Joan Tick(retiring) pew sheet compiler