From the Curate…


I preached a couple of weeks ago about a how genuine encounters with God will change us; and that genuine encounters with God only happen when we give Him space in our lives.  Hopefully, as you read this we have successfully arrived as a family in Cornwall – to a flat rented for church workers to have space and time with God away from their ministry.  Space to spend time in reading the scriptures, in prayer and in some (but not guaranteed!) silence.

I have read that Waterloo was won in the classrooms of Eton – meaning that our officers had formed the right habit to lead well. So also, as Christians we must form the right habits in order to live Christ like lives.  Jesus’ response to his three tests in the wilderness shows that he had formed the right habits – for he responds by quoting scripture and awareness of the Spirit.  Jesus’ ministry is defined by this knowledge of scripture and prayer.  Perhaps this Lent we might give God space (maybe start with 15 mins) by reading a short passage and then praying each day – then we might be better equipped to face the trials of life.