From the Rector…


I sometimes wonder if anyone reads these contributions to the weekly pew sheet.

Last week there was encouraging confirmation that you do when, on coming in to St Nicholas’, I was greeted by an overflowing basket of chocolate bars with an invitation to take one. And later in the day a parishioner randomly offered me a chocolate sweet. That’s at least two others journeying though Lent as part of the community.  Thank you both and all those others whose random acts of kindness are contributing to the transformation of lives this Lent.

Today’s Old Testament reading is set in Gilgal – the place where the Israelites camp when they have crossed over the River Jordan at the end of their 40-year journey to the Promised Land.  It served as their base of operations during the initial conquest of the Holy Land under Joshua.  As you read this (on Sunday morning) I shall be close to the very spot (although the exact location is disputed between two sites near Jericho) meeting with rural Palestinian communities in what is called “Area C” (about 60% of the West Bank where Israel carefully controls any Palestinian construction).  Tomorrow I go to Gaza, sometimes called the largest prison in the world – so don’t be too jealous at the thought of me on a Mediterranean beach!

Please pray for me and this fact-finding visit with Christian Aid.