From the Curate


Here are my credentials of faith; I was baptised on the day of my birth and was married in a Church; I did my first Alpha (over ten years ago) and went to a Free Church in London; I made a commitment to Christ and was baptised in a full immersion ceremony.  I then started going to a rural Anglican Church and was then confirmed in the Anglican faith by Bishop Mark; I ran the youth group for several years, ran a home group, led Alpha Courses, went to study at Cambridge for two years, and was then ordained deacon and then priest.

Does any of that mean anything to God? Of course, yes – they are important markers on the way – but what matters most to God is none of this.  I am equal to every single human being, for what matters is my response to the Gospel.

Is it, like Judas, where the Gospel does not penetrate the heart or is it from the heart, like Martha, who cannot help but show her love in anointing Christ with perfume?  What matters to God is that we know with all our heart, soul and mind that Christ made us his own and from that we are to press on in our relationship with Him.  From this knowledge we can then look forward with firm foundations at what God might be calling Worth Parish to do in the coming years.