The Rector Writes…


Palm Sunday has a bitter-sweet atmosphere. The crowds welcome Jesus into Jerusalem with the kind of fanfare we can expect for the English rugby team after their Gland Slam victory last night.

The Gospel from the Liturgy of the Palms makes it clear that Jesus no longer tells his disciples to remain silent – the time for decision has come: Jerusalem must crown or crucify her king.  And we know, as we continue through Passiontide into the events of Holy Week recounted in the Passion gospel, that that crucifixion awaits.

In our common life we have a bitter-sweet time after the Nic’s service when the regulars (all welcome to join in!) have a (possibly indoor) picnic to say goodbye to the Moulder family as they make final preparations for a move to Africa.  We wish them the very best and look forward to their return.  May we, with them and, indeed, St Paul strive to confess in word and deed, that “Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father”. Luke’s account of the Passion offers us a catalogue of those who avoid or deny this truth and condemn Jesus to a horrid death.  Time and again Jesus is let down, but even in the bitterness of his death we are able to keep an eye on the good news of what that death means for us. Nothing less than our salvation.

Have a blesséd walk with Jesus as you share again in Holy Week .