From the Curate…


As we approach the Parish Vision Day and in the wake of the Annual Parish Church Meeting, I paused to reflect in my study at St Barnabas’ about the importance of prayer and the prayer life of the Parish.

In a few weeks, we have been challenged by our Archbishops, Justin and Sentamu, to enter with all other churches into a season of prayer between Ascension Day (5th May) and Pentecost Sunday (15th May).  We (the clergy) are going to pray at Morning Prayer each day for a specific geographical area of our Parish and send an email/post on Facebook a daily reflection that we hope will enable those amongst our congregations to engage also in this season of prayer.

As is always the case with God, this initiative has coincided with a parallel – renewed interest in the prayer life of the Parish that has emerged from the Home Groups looking into the spiritual gifting amongst us.  From this, a small prayer group has committed to meet in the Upper Room at St Barnabas’ at 9.30am each Sunday to pray together for such things as the parish, the Parish Vision Day and the service that follows.  If you would like to join them then please do ask me and I will point you in the right direction.  Prayer matters and makes a difference.

Blessings, Steve