From the Rector…


In the church services on Sunday, you heard something of St Thomas’ story and had the chance to reflect on it.  I’d like to use these few inches to draw attention to our “Charity Cabaret” on 16 July.  This will be a great event to invite some friends and show them that we have fun together whilst also taking seriously our commitment to the wider community.  The “Cabaret” reference in the evening’s title is pretty obvious – and one of the reasons it is a “can’t miss” event.  The “Charity” reference has, I gather, given rise to some confusion.

So, to explain one aspect of that … The PCC puts aside a ‘tithe’ (10%) of its income each year (not counting any given for a specific purpose and after the deduction of certain costs) to give to other charities.  This is one of the means by which we seek to be friends and “constantly there” for those beyond our church family.

Each person who comes to the Charity Cabaret evening will have a part in distributing up to £2000 of this money amongst a range of charities – local, national and international.  There will be display boards on show at the Cabaret evening giving information about these charities.  The boards will also be on display at St Barnabas’ after the event until the end of July to allow those who were not at the Charity Cabaret to have a chance to have a say in which charities we support this year.

Do, please, take part and use your vote!