The Rector Writes…


The last couple of weeks have been very full so I can certainly resonate with Martha and the distraction of “many tasks”.  Getting things done assumes a natural priority in our lives – we can sacrifice things that are for ourselves (as Martha might have seen the “luxury” of sitting at Jesus’ feet as her sister was doing) but when others are depending on us the sense of duty (and love) takes over and the tasks have priority (as the demands of hospitality for an honoured guest for Martha).

For me, the needs of the parish, the international development charity which I chair, the school of which I am a governor and the family (school holidays and all the preparations needed to get our new home ready for the move) have led to a certain amount of burning the candle at both ends.  Sound familiar?  I was, however, reminded in the week that you can only ‘give’ and draw on your reserves (spiritual, emotional and physical) if you take care to ensure that those reserves are regularly replenished.  “Love your neighbour as yourself”. For Christians prayer and worship, Mary-like, are crucial elements of such recharging. So, agreeing the schedule of worship during the ‘interregnum’ has been a crucial task.  The Sunday and mid-week services will remain as now except that a Parish Eucharist will be celebrated on the 5th Sunday and the Baptism services at St Nicholas’ will move to 11.30 a.m. – allowing some of the regular congregation to help with the welcome.

Enjoy the summer!