The Curate Writes…


We have just been away for the first time in a new caravan!  It was an unexpected gift from some dear friends and we have been so blessed already by having it.  However, can I tell you how nerve-racking hooking up the caravan to our car was the first time.

The night before, I was excited to go away, however, as I lay in bed I began to worry. What if we hit a neighbour’s car as we manoeuvered out of our drive?!  Would our old Seat blow up towing?  Would we be driving along the M3 and suddenly see an identical caravan overtaking us – and then realise it wasn’t an identical caravan – it was in fact our caravan!?

I was filled with uncertainty and it’s not a nice place to be. We only have to look at the news or even our own Parish and see that we live in uncertain times.  What should be our response?  I think the key is in our Hebrew reading that repeats and repeats the word ‘faith’.

Elton Trueblood wrote these words, and I think they are profoundly true:

“The deepest conviction of the Christian is that Christ was not wrong.”

Faith involves certain beliefs. Faith involves an attitude of hope and confidence. But, at its core, faith is trusting a person. Yes, there is uncertainty in life, but there is faith in a person – Jesus Christ.