Hymns for August at St Nicholas’


During August at Saint Nicholas’, the choir takes a break.  This post details the music that will be used in August at the 9:45am Sung Eucharist service.

The congregational mass setting used throughout the month will be A New People’s Mass, Murray.

Hymns will be as follows:

6th​ August – The Eighth Sunday after Trinity ​ 
754​  O worship the King
453  ​Lord enthroned in heavenly splendour
669  I heard the voice of Jesus say
358​  Be still for the presence of the Lord
593​  At the name of Jesus

13th​ August – The Ninth Sunday after Trinity ​ 
4​  New every morning is the love
486​  Christ is the king
679  In Christ there is no east or west
383​  Lord thy word abideth
507​  We have a gospel to proclaim

20th​ August – The Tenth Sunday after Trinity 
652​  Guide me, O thou great Redeemer
812​  Through all the changing scenes of life
232  The head that once was crowned with thorns
621​  Dear Lord and Father of mankind
284​  For the fruits of all creation

27th​ August – The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity 
704​  Let all the world in every corner sing
421. ​All for Jesus
664  How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
694​  Jesus, Lord, we look to thee
584​  All my hope on God is founded