Easter Quiz


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In this quiz, the answer to each clue is formed by two words from the numbered list below.

Each word is to be used only once so that when all 21 clues have been answered, 42 of the 43 words have been eliminated. This leaves only one unused word. What is that word?

Warning: some words may fit more than one clue. Eliminate wisely!


1. Ron   2. Kid  3. Lamb  4. Play  5. Hour  6. Lots  7. High  8. Over  9. Wine  10. Palm  11. Room  12. Mary  13. Last  14. Pass  15. Mark  16. Luke  17. John  18. Eden  19. Cast  20. Peter  21.  Upper  22. Bread  23. Aloes  24. Ninth  25. Money  26. Simon  27. Myrrh  28. Easter  29. Priest  30. Friday  31. Pilate  32. Supper  33. Escalop  34. Calvary  35. Passion  36. Shepherd  37. Changers  38. Matthew  39. Pontius  40. Cleopas  41. Golgotha  42. Magdalene  43. Gethsemane


a) The first to wash his hands of it all

b) Two that together make he first Eucharistic feast?

c) Two associated with ‘Sunday’

d) Two anagrams

e) A group cast out of the temple

f) One of the first to witness the risen Christ

g) Two associated with ‘garden’

h) What the soldiers did to decide the fate of Christ’s garments

i) The menu for Christ’s last meal?

j) The time of day at which Christ died according to the King James Bible

k) Two associated with ‘good’

l) A seasonal entertainment?

m) The place of Christ’s last meal

n) Two names for the ‘place of the skull’

o) Caiphas’s role

p) Gospel writers with a lion and ox as their symbols

q) Two words that together make the brook, according to John, that Christ crossed before entering the garden

r) Two words that together make an annual Jewish feast

s) Two ingredients Nicodemus brought to the tomb according to John

t) The disciple Christ told to “Feed my sheep”

u) Two of Bach’s passions

The answers are here.