The Rector Writes…


Do you believe in the transforming power Jesus can have for people’s lives?  Paul’s life changed in the moment we read about in our Acts reading.  So has Peter’s – a fortnight ago he was denying Jesus three times before the cock crowed, today he has answered “yes” three times to the question we are each asked by Jesus – “Do you love me?”  John’s Gospel records Jesus’ final words to Peter: “Follow me” – Matthew tells us Jesus’ first words to Peter: “Follow me”.

As the new edition of the Parish Magazine (thank you Elizabeth!) makes clear the next month or so of our common life will have a significant focus on discerning what it will mean for us to follow Jesus as individuals and as a parish.  This week the first sessions of the “Everybody Welcome” course will be held.   If you want to come along, please do so – details here.

Whether or not you are able to take part in the sessions, it would be wonderful (and potentially transforming!) if the whole church community could be praying daily:

Heavenly Father, you have welcomed us into your kingdom and your heart’s desire is to draw every human being to yourself.  Grant us clear eyes to see people as you see them, sensitive feet to stand in their shoes, and warm smiles to welcome them in your name.  Give us such generous hearts that our church becomes a foretaste of heaven where every soul you send us finds a loving home in the community of your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ.  Amen.