October Standing Committee Report

Meetings, PCC

October Standing Committee decisions and discussion.

The Standing Committee met on Thursday, 17 October 2013.  The Committee has the responsibility of transacting the business of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) between its meetings.

Present: Canon Anthony Ball (AJB), Alexander Brooks (AMJB), Rosemary Cordan (RC), Revd Angela Martin (AM), Phyl Pennell (PP), Richard Turpie (RT)

Apologies:  David Anderson, Matthew Knight

Amongst the matters discussed and decided by the Standing Committee were:

  1. Taking note of the decision to close the Pastoral Centre on Tuesday mornings whilst the Prince’s Trust project we were supporting needed the space (between 28th October and 27th January).  There had been a meeting of Pastoral Centre volunteers at St Barnabas on Sunday 13th October to discuss arrangements whilst the Prince’s Trust group had use of  the complex.
  2. An explanation that the painting of the drainpipes etc. at St Nicholas was only half complete as there had been some confusion about the amount of funds designated for the project.  The remaining work would be done next year.  The servicing of the boiler and removal of the oil tank at St Nicholas are still outstanding.
  3. Agreement to a new arrangement for the parish’s charitable giving, following a proposal from the Charity & Community Committee.  The current system of deciding on a month-by-month basis has led to unequal and unpredictable distribution of funds among charities.  In future the amounts given and the charities supported will be decided early in the following  year – with the Treasurer giving the amount available after  taking into account the total designated for charitable giving and the amount disbursed or collected for specific charities during the year.  So, 2014 charitable giving would be decided in January 2015 and so on.  The congregations would be asked in November to nominate charities for that year and for the Christmas charities.  For this year just the Christmas charities will be nominated in November.  The Committee decided that there should be three charities supported this Christmas – with 25% of the cash collection at designated Christmas services going to each of the charities and 25% to the PCC.
  4. Thanks to AMJB for his work in building the new website – on which there had been much positive feedback.
  5. The 2014 Budget.  In 2014 any expenditure coming from a Committee’s budget will go to the Chair for approval so that they can keep a running total of expenditure against their budget(s).
  6. The allocation of up to £1,750 from the Fabric Reserve for the repair of the bottom section of the path at St Nicholas.  The proposal was for a compacted gravel rather than tarmac finish, which might require a Faculty from the Diocese.  It was noted that over 70% of the Fabric Reserve had been spent this year and it would need to be replenished in future years.
  7. Consideration of the best way to implement the PCC’s request that t Parish Fees be increased to improve revenue from the Pastoral Offices.  A proposal will go to the November PCC meeting.
  8. Further discussion of the PCC’s decision to approve a budget for 2014 which reduced expenditure on administration by £5,000, thus necessitating a reduction in the amount spent on staff costs.  This reduction would come from the budget for the Parish Clerk – leaving only a small amount of time.  AJB would decide whether this time should be spent answering the Office phone (front-office)  or preparing baptism & marriage registers ,cards etc. (back office).  The clergy – or volunteers – would need to pick up essential elements that we could no longer pay for.
  9. Discussion of a first draft of a Parish Plan 2014-2016 prepared by AM which captured the discussion from the recent PCC Away-Day.   The document will form the basis for further work, with a proposed Plan submitted to the November PCC meeting.  
  10. There was also discussion about the schedule of works outstanding from the 2012 Quinquennial inspection,  Parish Eucharists, a new Pastoral Assistant and the advertising of our Christmas services.

The next scheduled meeting of the Standing Committee is on 12 December 2013.  The full PCC is due to meet on 28 November 2013.