Discipleship & Fellowship Meeting Report


News from the Discipleship and Fellowship Committee November 2013

Next Quiet Day:-
Planned for September 13th 2014

Up and coming Course:-

Advent York Course – Expecting Jesus will begin on November 13th for 4 Weeks in the Pastoral Centre and to be led by Canon Anthony Ball
Course books available from Joan Tick at St Nicholas. Sign-up sheets available at St Nicholas & St Barnabas churches. Open to everyone.

Wintershall DVD.
A DVD Day showing ‘The Life of Christ’ to be held on Saturday November 30th from 11.00 -16.30 at St Barnabas, and a ploughman’s lunch.
Entrance free, cash donations towards lunch. Sign-up sheets are in both churches, for catering purposes.

Parish Away Day:-
This is planned for Saturday March 8th 2014 and our Speaker will be Rev’d Andrew Mayes.
Venue Rowfant House 10.30 – 3.30pm, coffee on arrival at 10.00am, sandwich lunch and concluding at 3.30 with a Eucharist and departing at 4.00pm.
Please keep this day free and come and join us, more details to follow..

Plans for 2014
January – Bible Study
March 8th – Parish Away Day at Rowfant House
March – Lent Course
May 17th – Men’s Breakfast
June 14th – Ladies’ Breakfast
September 13th – Quiet Day

Bible Study / House Groups
It has been decided to set up House Bible Study Groups in the new year of 8 – 10 people per group; using a Bible reading /study course, further details will be issued soon.

We also need to establish how often the Group will meet, when, during the day or evening and who would lead them. A questionnaire is to be issued with the pew sheet to get a fair selection of answers to theses questions.

Teaching Courses for 2014
This is a Course which starts from basics for those who have recently started to attend
church or for those who wish to understand more.
The Pilgrim Course could be lay led, it is 6 weeks per session and there are 8
Sessions, therefore it could be run for 2 or 3 years

This Course is more a teaching course – exploring how we read the Scriptures and a
more in-depth approach to us as a Church.