From Revd. Gordon Parry


This Sunday we contemplate the greatest Kingdom of all, God’s Kingdom on earth and in heaven.  Yet even though God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit represents a mystery not given to us to fathom in its entirety, God the Son – God made human – was sent to enable us, with all our imperfections, to seek out truth and perfection and to use this search to make better our world for all life, now and in the future.

Clues to the nature of God’s Kingdom engage us daily with their transient beauty, symbolic of a permanent, heavenly beauty to come.  We see the life-giving presence of the sun, the incomprehensible vastness of the night sky, the glorious death of autumn leaves and their spring rebirth in dancing, fluttering green.  We move to the rhythms of the days, the seasons, and the sea. We move also to the beauty of music which often accompanies important moments in our lives.  We are bound together by love which comes from God’s love for all of us, whatever our condition or status. I am often reminded of an observation quoted by the late Cardinal Hume, “‘Yes, God is always watching you.  Because he loves you he cannot take his eyes off you.’  That is a wonderful thought.  God can’t take his eyes off me.  Wherever I am and whatever I am doing, He keeps looking at me, not to catch me out, but from love.  As lovers look for each other and then gaze at each other, so it is with God.”

It is through the – very different – kingship of Christ that we are given a supreme example of how our lives can help to bring about the Kingdom of God – on earth as it is in heaven.