More About Our Christmas Charities

Charity, Christmas

Every year, we choose charities that we can support at Christmas through collections made in our special services.  This year, we have chosen The Salvation Army as our national charity and  Crawley Open House as our local charity.
The Salvation Army work with a variety of psalvarmyeople including those in poverty or situations of domestic abuse.  They also provide support and advice to the homeless and unemployed, tackle loneliness in older people and work to trace family members who have lost touch with each other.

Crawley Open House provides local support and services for those oepnhousesuffering the effects of homelessness, unemployment, loneliness, discrimination, or other forms of social exclusion.  Visitors to their day centre can access health services, benefits and housing advice, workshops and classes as well as hot food and drinks and empathy and kindness.

Money collected will be split between these and our Parish, where there are several projects requiring our attention such as refurbishment of the St Barnabas’ Hall flooring, heating and toilets, as well as addressing water ingress to the bell tower at St Nicholas’.