Advertisement for the Post of PCC Secretary (Voluntary)

We are looking for a PCC Secretary to help our Parochial Church Council in the Parish of Worth, Pound Hill, Maidenbower and Forge Wood.
The job description is as follows:
PCC Meetings
  • Attend 4-6 PCC meetings per year and take notes
  • Prepare minutes for approval and circulation
  • Keep full records of minutes, agenda and supporting documents both hard copy and electronic
  • Prepare agenda for each meeting in conjunction with Clergy and wardens
  • The above duties also apply to our Annual Meeting (APCM)
    You may also be asked to fulfil these duties for the meetings of the Standing Committee.
Other Responsibilities, with assistance from office staff as necessary
  • Manage Charities Commission website keeping details and submissions up to date
  • Ensure Parish Returns are submitted to Church House, Chichester Diocese
  • Keep records of PCC membership up to date – especially after elections and APCM
  • Display recent PCC signed Minutes and Agenda for church to read if required
  • Have a knowledge of forms required – for PCC Trustees to sign, for PCC nominations et.c.
  • Display an up to date Safeguarding Policy and PCC Safeguarding Officer in all church locations
A Handbook for PCC Secretaries is available online and in the office, as well as a full folder of procedures to help you fulfil your duties.
To register your interest, contact us.