Parishioner Profile – Bob and Carol Musselwhite


IMG_0395Since the lockdown started on the 22nd March, Carol and I have been up to quite a lot of different things. We started right at the beginning: having a big spring clean throughout our home, including emptying all cupboards, washing and cleaning everything, throwing out lots of items and saving things for Saturday markets when they return.

Like others, we have been doing lots of gardening, not only at our house but that of our neighbour, daughter and Carol’s sister, who are all unable to do larger gardening jobs. Because the weather has been so wonderful, we have been able to strip, clean and redo our son’s and Carol’s sister’s decking areas, all within the government guidelines and without coming into contact with them. Also during the lockdown, because the church has been out of use, I have been able to redecorate the hall kitchen area, box in pipes and spruce up the paintwork in other areas of the hall.

We have been on lots of neighbourhood walks, exploring the Worth Way and Grattons Drive park and lakes. We have been able to visit the National Trust gardens especially Wakehurst on Carol’s birthday, celebrating there with a lovely walk with our grandson Alfie and our daughter Rachel. Over the past two weeks, we have been able to see more of our grandsons and family and have a much-needed cuddle. We have also been to the beach at Worthing and seen our daughter Sharon who lives there – fantastic with the gorgeous weather we have been having.

We have participated in worship following online services, as well as watching archived Songs of Praise on TV, both of which we’ve found uplifting in these difficult times. We have missed so very much seeing our Christian family and friends and community in person and hopefully soon we will all meet and share together again. It has been sad to hear of the loss of two dear church members who were with St Barnabas’ for a long time – dear Isobel and Brenda. May our Lord continue to bless them richly.

All our love,

Bob and Carol