Lost and Found


Today, I popped to St Nicholas’, Worth where I’d be asked to put up a new notice about the Worth Conservation Area.  The notice asks us to read the draft “Land East of Street Hill Development Brief from Crawley Council’s website.  Make any comments on the proposals by 5pm on 11th September, through emailing forward.plans@crawley.gov.uk or contacting Forward Planning via the Town Hall.

donkI noticed that there are some lost toys at the back of church so if they are yours, pop back and rescue them.   As well as these stray visitors, we also have some permanent new neighbours. The gardeners and I met new resident Joe today who has just moved into the Bishop’s Lodge with his family. (So if you’d heard, like I had, that it had been sold to developers, that’s not the case.)

If you see Joe and his family around, do say hello and welcome.


Hymns for August at St Nicholas’


During August at Saint Nicholas’, the choir takes a break.  This post details the music that will be used in August at the 9:45am Sung Eucharist service.

The congregational mass setting used throughout the month will be A New People’s Mass, Murray.

Hymns will be as follows:

6th​ August – The Eighth Sunday after Trinity ​ 
754​  O worship the King
453  ​Lord enthroned in heavenly splendour
669  I heard the voice of Jesus say
358​  Be still for the presence of the Lord
593​  At the name of Jesus

13th​ August – The Ninth Sunday after Trinity ​ 
4​  New every morning is the love
486​  Christ is the king
679  In Christ there is no east or west
383​  Lord thy word abideth
507​  We have a gospel to proclaim

20th​ August – The Tenth Sunday after Trinity 
652​  Guide me, O thou great Redeemer
812​  Through all the changing scenes of life
232  The head that once was crowned with thorns
621​  Dear Lord and Father of mankind
284​  For the fruits of all creation

27th​ August – The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity 
704​  Let all the world in every corner sing
421. ​All for Jesus
664  How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
694​  Jesus, Lord, we look to thee
584​  All my hope on God is founded