Mothers’ Union in Sussex Supporting Covid-19 affected families


Mothers’ Union branch members have stepped up their support for local communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Lockdown has meant Sussex charity “Family Support Work” (FSW) giving out 40 weekly food boxes up from the usual 25. Each box contains a month’s basic food needs and the charity were rapidly running out of food.

From 6 June, the 44 Sussex Branches of the Mothers’ Union mobilised and collected enough food to feed over 80 families for a month. Worthing charity Turning Tides loaned their van so the MU could transport food from around the county to FSW at Brighton, travelling over 300 miles in 2 weekends. As well as food, donations of toiletries, household cleaning products and babies’ nappies were needed and provided.

Mothers’ Union Diocesan President, Karen Hill said: “I know our members pray with their feet moving. This was a simple need and one we can help with. FSW and Mothers’ Union mirror each other’s core values, and are an obvious partnership in these difficult times. With the generous help of Turning Tides, this is a wonderful example of community charities pulling together to help those in need. These last weeks in lockdown have been hard and members relish the opportunity to do something to help others.”

One MU member, Norma said: ”My granddaughter gets my shopping for me, as I have to be shielded. It will be lovely to get her to buy some food for someone other than me!! It’s good to do things for each other.”

Martin Auton-Lloyd, director of FSW said: “The Mothers’ Union has always been a great friend to FSW and just as we thought we were going to hit problems with food supplies they stepped in and offered to help us keep our food bank running. Bringing our joint supporters together like this is a great way to show to the wider community the commitment, that we, as Christians, have to serving those in need.”

Mothers’ Union Chief Executive, Bev Jullien said: The response from our membership has been overwhelming but not surprising. The rallying call from the movement was, stay safe but wherever people need help, we’re there for them. Mothers’ Union has always responded to community needs, and our response to Covid-19 sums it up – we do whatever is needed by the communities we are a part of, in partnership with others, to ensure the most effective response, we always have and always will.”

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Accessing Our Churches

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At St Nicholas’

Scaffolding is being erected for urgent repairs to the spire and roof at St Nicholas’. Therefore, the churchyard is closed between 7.30am and 4pm, Monday to Friday for the next two weeks.

At St Barnabas’

We are pleased to say that the Narthex (the area separate from the main church) at St Barnabas’ is now open for private prayer from 10am – 4pm every day except Tuesdays when it will be open 11am – 4pm after our service on Facebook.

  • One person or ‘family bubble’ at a time please
  • Please keep this door open


Coronavirus Prayer Activities

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Here are some prayer activities that have been developed to be used
at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Developed by for children and young people, they are very suitable for all to do.

Our Response to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

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March 17 14pm

Worth Parish will be conforming to advice given by Archbishops of Canterbury and York, in response to government guidelines, which means that all our public worship is suspended until further notice.
If you would like to come and privately pray in our buildings, our churches will be open where possible – with St Nicholas’ and the St Barnabas’ Narthex being open every day from around 9am to 6pm.
Obviously we have also cancelled all our events (book sale, Lent course, coffee shop etc) and groups (Messy Church, Toddlers etc) as well.
Prayers will be said by clergy on behalf of everyone and we are also investigating other online ways of worshipping and sharing prayer with the community. Please subscribe here to our mailing list to be kept informed of our updates.


March 17 11.30am

An update on our plans for Worth Parish will follow this afternoon. More information about precautions can be found on the Church of England’s website:

Useful links:


March 16 11.30am
Our current response (March 16) to the global Coronavirus pandemic is based on advice given to bishops nationally and as a matter of necessity, to use the following measures to care for one another and worship while limiting the risk of spreading Covid-19:

  • During the peace and at other occasions, non-tactile greetings are used.
  • Altar rails have been removed, meaning there is no need to touch them and we stand for communion
  • The clergy use hand sanitizer before offering wafers at communion.
  • A small amount of wine is taken by the clergy on behalf of the congregation.
  • A collection plates is available at the back of church rather than being passed round.

This is a fast-moving situation and we will respond to any updated information. If further restrictions become necessary or if services are discontinued, we will indicate this on website, pewsheets, mailing list and other notices.