Photographing an Ancient Building


Our Saxon church is a very interesting place to bring your camera, as these lovely photographs sent in by Tony Bates photography prove. Taken with a Canon 100mm macro lens, I really feel they make you view things differently. Why not grab a lens or two and send us your best shots?

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All images are the property of Tony Bates Photography. Tony Bates retains sole copyright and these photographs may not be used by or passed to third parties without his written permission. Tony is on Facebook here.

St Nicholas’ plays a starring role in new film


Some of you will remember that, unusually, for 2 days this summer, St Nicholas’ was inaccessible to the public while filming took place for a young filmmaker’s new film, called No Apostle.

The fruits of Noah’s and the team’s labours can be watched here, and as you can see, the church building has a prominent role.


Quick Guide to St Nicholas’ Launched


Today we’ve launched a quick guide for visitors – a double-sided laminate which you can borrow when you’re walking round the church, detailing some of the highlights of the building to ensure you don’t miss them on your visit.

If you want your own copy, print it from here.

Come and see us soon !


Crisis with Cleaning @ St. Nicholas!


We have now reached a crisis point with the cleaning at St Nicholas’ Church, Worth. There are too few volunteers to clean the church and toilets – which means that some weeks it is not being done.

Can you offer an hour or so once a month to either clean a small area of the church or the toilet block ?

Please complete the form below if you could help ! Thank you