Photographing an Ancient Building


Our Saxon church is a very interesting place to bring your camera, as these lovely photographs sent in by Tony Bates photography prove. Taken with a Canon 100mm macro lens, I really feel they make you view things differently. Why not grab a lens or two and send us your best shots?

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All images are the property of Tony Bates Photography. Tony Bates retains sole copyright and these photographs may not be used by or passed to third parties without his written permission. Tony is on Facebook here.

Choral Opportunities This September

Events, Families, Special Services

This September, there are lots of opportunities for you to exercise your voice with us with varying levels of commitment.

  • You could simply turn up at 11am on Saturday September 19th and enjoy being part of a choir for the day at our “Come and Sing Musicals” workshop and informal concert.
  • You might want to become part of the Worth Festival Choir, a choir that only forms for 2 events a year.  Our rehearsals start this Sunday 6th September, 2-4pm and continue each Sunday at this time until November 1st, when we will be performing extracts from Mozart’s Requiem as part of an All Souls Memorial Service. We’d be delighted to have you !
  • Finally, you, or someone you know, might want to join Worth Choir.  Currently, this choir is a mixed group of fifteen singers who work hard to maintain the remarkable choral tradition which St Nicholas’ has supported since the 15th century.  No specific musical experience is required to join the choir. More important is the enthusiasm and willingness to commit and to learn.  To see what sort of things we sing, you can view our September music list here.  To find out more, email